Young people are innately endowed with creative instincts that require nurturing to enable them demonstrate their creative potentials. The innovations they are capable of can translate to enterprises. Properly incubated, the enterprises can bring great value to the market, generate revenue, and create jobs. However, young people are scarcely exposed to entrepreneurship orientation in Nigeria.

NEDEP4TIN is a programme that inspires students to imbibe the culture of entrepreneurship while in school. It equips them with the entrepreneurial skills that will prepare them for life after schooling. This initiative is aims to “catch them young” and ensure a new generation of entrepreneurs is borne.

NEDEP4Corpers is an extension of the NEDEP4TIN programme. It is designed to facilitate the ease of doing business for fresh graduates. The program gives support to corps members who aspiring to become entrepreneurs. NEDEP4Corpers builds the capacity of corps members to becomes better entrepreneurs. Corps-preneurs can leverage the program and gain access to strategic institutions that process their business documentation. This opportunity leapfrogs their transition from the service year into the real world of entrepreneurship.

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