The strategic objective of NYAEDP is to mobilize and attract Nigerian Women and Youth into functional agricultural enterprises. NYAEDP draws inspiration from the aspirations of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).

The strategic objective of NYAEDP is to cluster the small operators in the agric value chain. These clusters will open the agric-value chain, employ precision agriculture processes that boost production. A key linkage is to guarantee primary agro-produce off-taking. This will help to reduce postharvest losses, boost food processing, branding, and packaging of products. Improved quality products can easily be sold in the local and international market.

Ultimately, the program targets a fair share of the over $45B Export potential of Nigeria. The program’s foray into organic agriculture is to promote food safety. It positions Nigeria to participate in the global organic export potential of over $100 Billion.

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