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The Leather Suit Case

"Sir, these are the products of my business." Aisha said as she walked up to me after the #AGSMEISTraining in Abuja."Really!" I responded with warmth enough to show my excitement.

"Yes!" She affirmed and explained how she makes suit cases from leather. Her unique selling point is the final colour of the product. She chooses an organization and makes these suit cases to fit their brand or the colour scheme of their uniform. For instance, the lemon green suit case in the video below is produced for the Nigerian Correctional Services.

The business wayo wey Aisha get make sense no be small. As she dey explain, I come remember the interview wey I do for #BBCRadio many years ago. For the interview, I been dey discuss the potentials of hides and skin to create wealth and jobs for Nigerians. I still remember like say na yesterday, as I dey tell Nigerians say, "to dey chop hides and skin of animals as kpomo na to flush our wealth and jobs for toilet. please come and give me that interview now, now.

"Sir, I want to give you my product." Aisha said and pointed the brown leather suit case at me while I was still basking in my fascination of her unique business idea. "Why? em em no. I ... can't take it... Pls keep it." I rudely challenged and declined her kind gesture, offering her unsolicited advice all at once, in a long stutter masked with a macho smile of calm. Haba. Aisha was adamant. She insisted I take her gift. I saw through her perseverance and can tell why she makes a good salesperson. "The only way I can take this gift is if you will make the presentation under a camera." I threw this demand at Aisha just before I caved in to her offer, as if to say I was taking a pound of flesh off her. Or better still, throwing a spanner in the wheel that can make her change her mind.

"That’s fine sir." She smiled at me, and the rest is history. Thank you, Aisha. I love my Leather Suit Case.


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